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From living a fitter life and improving your fueling and nutrition, to going from couch to 5K or improving running efficiency, form and speed (which typically go hand in hand) to taking on the challenge of longer distance or qualifying for Boston, the following personalized program options are designed and proven to help you reach your goal(s).

All programs include customized training plans, nutritional, fueling and hydration tips, optional FaceTime or Zoom sessions, video analysis and positive mindset coaching.


Full-Service Coaching

Personalized training programs based on goals and fitness levels for all ability levels and race distances, including 5K to marathon and Boston qualifiers and race training (yes, training for Boston is and should be very different from typical marathon training programs — Ask Coach Holly why!)


Ongoing; Join at any time. If training for a specific race, please allow 6 weeks for 5K; 8 weeks for 10K; 12 weeks for half marathon; 18 weeks for a marathon.


  • Personalized training and coaching programs with modifications as needed based on fitness improvement and life
  • Mile Time Trial for training pacing parameters
  • Video, gait and running form analysis
  • Optional FaceTime or Zoom sessions (up to two 30 mins sessions/month)
  • Daily Nutrition/Fueling guidelines
  • For Sarasota/Manatee County FloridaRunners:  Complimentary functional movement screening at Cora PT including three follow up sessions with Cora PT


$175 for 8 weeks for all new clients

$85/month thereafter for ongoing clients billed in 2 or 3-month increments ($170 for two months; $250 for three months)


Fit Life & Nutrition Training

A great add-on to one of the above running programs or stand-alone if your focus is more on weight loss and starting an exercise program vs. specific training or race goal.

A great add-on to one of the above running programs or stand-alone if your focus is more on weight loss and starting an exercise program vs. specific training or race goal.


  • Diet and fueling analysis 
  • Daily nutrition and recommended meals/snacks profile
  • Weekly check-ins and updates
  • Optional FaceTime or Zoom sessions (up to 2 per month)


$100/month; $75/month for full-service coaching clients

    Personal Coaching & Training Sessions

    Take your training to the next level with some one-on-one time virtually or in-person based on Coach Holly’s travel schedule.  Many runners or new triathletes use this for tips and training on form, technique, transition area set up and tips, and/or overall training program goals and recommendations for enhancing their training.  


    $75-$250/hour based on group size


    Boston Marathon Qualifier or Training Plan

    Sights set on qualifying for Boston and/or training for this unique and challenging course?  Learn from Coach Holly’s six-time running and 20+ time qualifying experience on how to train and race the world’s most famous marathon.


    Personalized training programs start at $125/month (18-week recommended training program length) and includes all the benefits of the full-service training program.

    Local Running Programs

    Connect with other local runners and Coach Holly when she is in Sarasota, Florida or Vail, Colorado for in-person training, tips and workouts. 

    • One-on-one and group coaching available.
    • Contact Holly at 941.350.9615 or for more information.


    Forms and Docs downloads

    To Register and secure your spot, please complete the online Waiver and Registration. Secure payment via PayPal using a credit card can also be made using the email address Alternatively, you may use a personal check and mail or bring it to your first session. Questions, call Coach Holly at (941) 350-9615 or email at

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